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If you're an avid DIYer and are considering tackling your garage pad construction, you are better off with seasoned Calgary garage builders, and there are plenty of reasons why. You get a fully insured and experienced team who'll finish the job as scheduled and deliver lasting results. When it comes to a concrete garage in Calgary and Calgary concrete garage pad, you can bank on us at Patriarch Construction as the most dependable company.

A Guide to Concrete Garage Construction

Your garage can either be detached from your home renovations or attached to it. Irrespective of its location, a garage is usually built with reinforced concrete with piles in the middle. Below are some of the basic steps of constructing a garage pad.

  • Laying Out the Garage Pad

The first step is to pick a suitable location within the property for your garage pad. It's important to adhere to the distance from the property line or lot according to the city's requirement. Next, lay the garage pad area using a string.

  • Site Preparation

A critical component of constructing a garage pad is preparing the site. This entails removing any debris and the topsoil from the garage pad area before making a level bed where the concrete slab will rest. The ideal thickness of your compacted gravel should be in line with the local code.

  • Placement of the Formwork

At this point, the boards have to be laid on all sides of your garage pad before nailing them together. The square forms should be braced to hold concrete on the inside. It's essential to make sure the formwork is square. You can do that by measuring the distance diagonally. Mark the slab's thickness on the framework but not before using a laser level to set the forms to grade.

  • Reinforcement Layout

Here, a damp-proof membrane is put under the garage pad then the reinforcement is laid out. Depending on your design of choice or the city requirement, the reinforcement should be placed at a specific distance to ensure crack resistance and sturdiness. Usually, the reinforcement is laid at the middle of the concrete slab and tied together.

  • Pouring the Concrete and Levelling the Garage Pad

This step entails calculating the amount of concrete needed for your garage pad. Get concrete that is air-entrained with a compressive strength of no less than 32 MPa at 56 days. Next, pour the concrete into the garage pad and use a bull float to make the top surface level. After about 10 ft, the grooves should be cut to prevent shrinkage cracking. As soon as the concrete begins to harden, a push broom can be used to make the surface non-slip. After a couple of days, remove the forms and allow the concrete to cure for about 28 days.

Quality Concrete Garage Builders

Your concrete garage in Calgary needs to be made to stand firm, considering all the heft and work it will endure through the years. If you're searching for a garage builder in Calgary, look no further than us. Our residential and commercial garage contractors will ensure you have a functional, safe, and lasting garage pad. For concrete garage pad cost in Calgary, contact Patriarch Construction today at +1 (403) 862-0449. We'll provide you with a free quotation.

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