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The root of most problems that manifest in your toilet, bathtub, or kitchen sink exists in the sewer and water lines. These are issues that you cannot repair all by yourself. The piping is out of reach and requires specialized equipment to diagnose the problem and conduct repairs. If the water outlets in your house back up, overflow, or cut off supply, it's best to call a licensed plumber to diagnose the problem and fix it.

If you're in San Diego and you're looking for an ‘emergency plumber near me,' we can help. At EZ Dry Flood Damage, we respond swiftly to plumbing emergencies to ensure that our clients' properties don't get damaged by water. We're available all day, every day, and we'll send our expert technicians to wherever you need us to be right after you call.

Common Problems with Sewer Lines

At EZ Dry Flood Damage, sewer line repair and replacement are some of the services that we offer. A damaged sewer line can cause a lot of inconveniences in the house, and render your water system unusable. The following are some of the problems we see in the sewer lines that we repair or replace daily:

  • Corroded Pipes

This is a common problem with most lines that were laid many years back, when metallic pipes were used, compared to today's PVC ones. These old pipes are susceptible to rusting and corrosion, which eventually causes them to wear. Over time, the pipes become weak and break or burst, leading to water leaks. The pipes can also become infiltrated by tree roots, which block them and restrict the flow of sewage.

  • Poor Installation

Misaligned and improperly installed pipes can also lead to a malfunctioning sewer line. The poor installation is likely to happen if you hire the services of inexperienced plumbers who don't take enough time to lay the pipes properly. Misaligned lines may be a result of processes such as soil movement and shifting house foundations.

The signs that will alert you of a failing or leaking sewer line include slow drainage, the smell of sewage in the house, and the growth of mold in the basement. If you smell or see any of these signs in your home, we advise that you call us as soon as possible.

How We Fix Sewer Line Issues

Our experts use camera inspection tools to see into the line and detect the cause of the problem. Depending on what we see, we can apply non-invasive solutions such as hydro-jetting, or move extensive repairs that require digging up of the piping. However, at EZ Dry, our advanced diagnosis method ensures that we only dig up the section that needs repair or replacement.

This prevents unnecessary workload whereby plumbers have to dig up the whole piping system because they cannot pinpoint the exact location of the problem. As a result, we take less time working on the issue and cost much less than our competitors.

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Emergency plumber near me