Epoxy Flooring

Polyurea Garage Floor Epoxy is crystal clear, a great option if you just want a clean, tough cement coating or as a finish over your existing floor. While the list of benefits you will enjoy with a garage floor epoxy is lengthy, this concrete floor covering is not a perfect solution for every home owner. Armor Garage can answer your questions about garage tiles and epoxy coating when you call us at 866-532-3979. Find out if epoxy flooring is right for your garage.

Epoxy Options For Garage Floors

Without the right preparation of your surface, you may find yourself in the situation of a spongy finish, as there is not going to be adequate adhesion between your garage floor cement and your epoxy floor covering. You can easily install a new epoxy floor on top of the existing concrete floor or on top of a steel or wood floor. Specialty floor coatings come with a long list of benefits; check our website to learn more.

An epoxy floor coat increases the sightlines in larger garage spaces and rooms. Whether you are looking to refurbish an old flooring, or to seal up your concrete surfaces, an epoxy floor covering transforms the space, all the while strengthening the flooring. If you have weighed the benefits of epoxy floor coverings and are interested in the technique for your garage or basement, a professional crew can install your new protective, shiny surface.

Quality Epoxy Garage Flooring

Quality epoxy floor systems typically include several coats, ensuring you get a highly durable, durable surface that lasts years. An epoxy-like garage floor covering does more than make your floor look better. You'll find perks and benefits listed on our site at Armor Garage; we even offer metallic epoxy garage floor products.

One of the strongest, longest-lasting finishes that you can put on a garage floor these days is an epoxy coating. Epoxy cement sealer is one of the best sealers you can add to a garage floor since it has high damage resistance and heavy traffic. What makes the Armor Garage products the best in the business is that they're manufactured using a high-strength, 4-times stronger coat of polymer. Concrete epoxy will last the longest as the epoxy's membrane-like coat bonds with the surface tops of rough floors.

Additional Garage Flooring Ideas

Epoxy is considerably easier to clean and maintain than untreated concrete. Epoxy floors are much cheaper per square foot compared to other floor options, as the epoxy can be installed on top of any surface rather than having to replace your whole old surface. It can cost $1700-2250 to cover the floor in your garage with your epoxy choice, with water-based and solvent-based epoxy being the least expensive options. An epoxy-based concrete coating on a two-car garage floor will cost $1,320-$3,080, with most homeowners spending around $1,711 if it is applied by professionals.

Most contractors say 100 percent epoxy is the best coating for a residential garage floor, but it requires professional application as it dries quickly. Epoxy floor covering is a significant improvement over conventional cement floor stain and will ensure a long-lasting finish on your garage floors.

As a rule of thumb, epoxy works best in an enclosed space, so this chemical-resistant, skid-resistant surface is ideal for a garage setting, where spills and pools of water can pose a problem. For more information about epoxy flooring, Armor Garage is available by phone; reach us at 866-532-3979.